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SKF – MTB Fork Seals

SKF manufactures fork seals for all leading brands of mountain bike forks, DT Swiss, Fox, Rockshocks, Marzocchi, and X-Fusion. Below is a full list of seals available – if you can’t find your fork please get in touch via the contact page and we’ll get back to you.

A simple upgrade to SKF seals during your next fork service can provide a smoother ride and reduce stanchion wear. Get the best, get SKF!


BrandModelFromToEndPART NUMBERDescription
FOXHold Model 3220032015YMTB32FSeals Kit - FOX 32mm
FOXXC Factory20162016NMTB32FNSeals Kit - FOX AIR 32mm MODEL YEAR 2016
FOXXC Performance20162016NMTB32FNSeals Kit - FOX AIR 32mm MODEL YEAR 2016
FOXHold Model 3420122015YMTB34FSeals Kit - FOX 34mm
FOXALL Mountain Factory20162016NMTB36FNSeals Kit - FOX AIR 36mm MODEL YEAR 2015
RockshoxAll Models20082015NMTB32RSeals Kit - ROCKSHOX 32mm
RockshoxArgyle R20072016NMTB32RSeals Kit - ROCKSHOX 32mm
RockshoxReba RL20122016NMTB32RSeals Kit - ROCKSHOX 32mm
RockshoxReba RTL20122016NMTB32RSeals Kit - ROCKSHOX 32mm
RockshoxRecon Gold RL20112016NMTB32RSeals Kit - ROCKSHOX 32mm
RockshoxRecon Gold TK20112016NMTB32RSeals Kit - ROCKSHOX 32mm
RockshoxRecon Silver TK20112016NMTB32RSeals Kit - ROCKSHOX 32mm
RockshoxRevelation RCT320102016NMTB32RSeals Kit - ROCKSHOX 32mm
RockshoxRevelation RL20102016NMTB32RSeals Kit - ROCKSHOX 32mm
RockshoxRevelation RLT20102016NMTB32RSeals Kit - ROCKSHOX 32mm
RockshoxSektor Gold20112016NMTB32RSeals Kit - ROCKSHOX 32mm
RockshoxSektor Silver20112016NMTB32RSeals Kit - ROCKSHOX 32mm
RockshoxSid RCT320122016NMTB32RSeals Kit - ROCKSHOX 32mm
RockshoxSid XX20112016NMTB32RSeals Kit - ROCKSHOX 32mm
RockshoxSid XX World Cup20112016NMTB32RSeals Kit - ROCKSHOX 32mm
RockshoxXC 3220112015YMTB32RSeals Kit - ROCKSHOX 32mm
RockshoxAll Models20082015NMTB35RSeals Kit - ROCKSHOX 35mm
RockshoxAll Models20162016NMTB35RNSeals Kit - ROCKSHOX 35mm
RockshoxBoxxer RC20142016NMTB35RNSeals Kit - ROCKSHOX 35mm
RockshoxBoxxer Team20142016NMTB35RNSeals Kit - ROCKSHOX 35mm
RockshoxBoxxer World Cup20142016NMTB35RNSeals Kit - ROCKSHOX 35mm
RockshoxDomain Dual Crow RC20072016NMTB35RNSeals Kit - ROCKSHOX 35mm
RockshoxLyric RC20102016NMTB35RNSeals Kit - ROCKSHOX 35mm
RockshoxLyric RC2 DH20102016NMTB35RNSeals Kit - ROCKSHOX 35mm
RockshoxLyric RCT320102016NMTB35RNSeals Kit - ROCKSHOX 35mm
RockshoxPike DJ20142016NMTB35RNSeals Kit - ROCKSHOX 35mm
RockshoxPike RC20142016NMTB35RNSeals Kit - ROCKSHOX 35mm
RockshoxPike RCT320142016NMTB35RNSeals Kit - ROCKSHOX 35mm
RockshoxYari RC20162016NMTB35RNSeals Kit - ROCKSHOX 35mm

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