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Custom Wheels

The art of wheel building

Wheels are the most significant upgrade that you can make to a bicycle. Of all the components on a bicycle, they make the biggest difference in the way the bicycle handles and rides. Factors like the moment of inertia, weight, flex and gyroscopic forces all play a major role in making you go faster.

I build every one of my wheels with the utmost attention to detail and quality incorporating the skills and secrets that I have developed as a professional wheel builder over the last 10 years. You have my assurance that any wheelset built by me will make a formidable difference to your cycling experience.

I only use the best materials in my wheels to ensure you will have the stiffest, lightest wheelset possible.

Ruan Deyzel

Nox Composites – Teocalli 29er (Trail Wheelset)
White Industries CLD+ Hub

What makes our wheels better?

  • Every wheel we build is specifically built to the needs of the customer
  • Weight, riding style, wheel history, and budget are all things that we take into account when we build a wheel set for you.
  • Every wheel is hand built to the finest detail using only the best components.
  • Spoke works builds 400 wheel sets per year on average making us the largest professional wheel builder in South Africa.
  • We have 15 years experience in wheel building.
  • We give a 12-month guarantee on all our wheel builds.
  • We haven’t had a single comeback in the last 7 years on one of the wheels we’ve built!
Nox Composites, Farlow 29er (Wide Enduro/AM Wheelset)
White Industries Hub